Condominium Property Management

Condominium Property Management

RE/MAX Commercial Capital Property Management offers condominium property management throughout the greater Edmonton region. Our asset management team has been working in the region for over 25 years (as owners and managers) ensuring your real estate will be well taken care of. We are members of local industry associations that enable us to stay up-to-date in all pertinent areas of your business. We’re proudly an Alberta owned company and we support the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton.

What We Provide:

Board Support: prepare (agenda, notices, proxies, ballots) and attend all regular and AGM meetings, prepare/distribute meeting minutes, provide all submitted correspondence, provide policy, insurance and bylaw review and recommendations, assist in insurance claims being handled efficiently/emergency response/enforcement of bylaws,  administer Corporation, Owners and Vendor records and maintain/store the documents of the Corporation. We bring a team (asset mgr., property mgr., operations mgr., financial mgr. and administration) to manage your asset, not one individual.

Ownership Support: provide convenient payment methods, condominium document requests, provide timely notices of policy and bylaws, provide ownership communication such as parking, heating, maintenance, security, insurance, enforcement of the rules, regulations and bylaws, newsletters etc.

Fiscal Management: prepare and provide the yearly operating budget, monthly and yearly financial statements, actual vs. budget, proactive capital reserve planning and implementation, condominium fee advisement, planning and collection.

Operational Management: regular asset inspections, common area and grounds maintenance and repair (quotes/bids – negotiate and supervision), monthly capital cost review/recommendations, staff supervision.